What are your strategies to reduce disposable plastic?

Being the largest coffee shop brand in the Nordics, we have a huge responsibility to secure the use and disposal of our different materials. It’s a delicate job since packaging is important to ensure the quality of the product all the way to you.

In our Coffee Shops we serve the majority of our food and drinks in porcelain to reduce the use of disposable materials, which also raises the standard for our guests.

We must continuously develop to secure materials that are better for the environment as well.
We have already replaced our plastic straws and cultery to paper and we are working to replace more materials in the future. 

In addition, Espresso House has been working for several years to promote the use of reusable mugs and offers various types of reusable mugs and thermoses. We also reward guests who bring their own mug for their drink with 'double stamps' in our app My Espresso House.

So far (since 2018), we have reduced our plastic use with 47%. We will continue to switch and change! Read more

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