How does your coffee subscription service work?

Coffee Subscription

Our subscription is integrated in our Espresso House app. You receive a coupon in the app that works as payment in all our coffee shops for a drink of your choice. A new coupon is generated 2 hours after you've used your latest subscription coupon to purchase a drink. A great deal for a coffee lover, right?

You can choose between four subscriptions:

Classic: Filter coffee and tea, read more here (link to website)

Favorite: Classic menu plus hot and cold espresso based drinks, read more here (link to website)

Special: Favorite menu plus drinks with added flavors, read more here (link to website)

Premium: All drinks on our menu included, read more here (link to website)

The subscription is valid for 30 days per period and re-news automatically. There is no binding period and the auto renewal can be turned off at any point. You will of course keep the rest of your subscription period if you turn off your auto renewal.



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